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CNBC Arabiya


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Arabic, News, Uni Emirat Arab

TV Information:

TV Logo
Original TV Name
CNBC Arabiya
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Watch CNBC Arabiya Live Online. CNBC Arabiya is the only 24-hour Arabic language financial and business information television channel. It covers regional and international affairs from an Arab economic perspective, broadcast live from Arabic.CNBC Arabiya is the Arab television station, a pioneer in the field of Business and Finance offers an in-depth look at the various economic and financial regional and international developments of the Arab perspective.
Unique channel to cover the immediate and direct in Arabic to the financial and business sector in the region and the world. The programs cover innovative all economic spectrum in the Arab region, in addition to the broad coverage and in-depth analysis of the Arab capital markets and global commodity markets, currencies and sectors of oil and gas, construction, real estate and keep up with news and regional companies and Atah._khasst CNBC Arabiya special programs for women entrepreneurs, and for projects and investment-friendly environment, in addition to vertebrae and programs for individuals and how to manage their money and savings, except for coverage of the latest economic and financial developments affecting the Middle East region and the world as a whole.
CNBC Arabiya is the only channel in the Middle East, which offers live coverage of the stock market indices and stock prices, either through the status bar, or through in-depth analytical reports provided by veteran broadcasters. CNBC Arabiya allow follow-up to investors to take quick decisions in a changing dynamic environment, where convey information and the latest news and developments moment access to reach viewers of Channel elite and most influential force in the Middle East figures.
CNBC Arabiya broadcast from Dubai Media City with offices in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Cairo, Bahrain, Qatar and London.
Street Address
CNBC Arabyia Bldg., 1st Floor
PO Box 502002
Launch date
Dubai Media City
United Arab Emirates
Middle East
+971 4 366 4900
+971 4 366 4995
Official website
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