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Hannibal TV

Broadcast freely by To find more informations, please visit the Website Streaming of this television channel at this links :
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Published: 4 years ago

Category: Tunisie

TV Information :

TV Logo
TV Name
Hannibal TV
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Broadcast by the free license permission/agreement with For more information please visit their website.
Watch Hannibal TV Live Online. Hannibal TV, the first Tunisian private broadcaster, first launched on February 13th 2005 but already has garnered a strong following and a vigorous audience in its native home country, broadcast live from Tunisie. Hannibal TV  is a privately owned television network in Tunisia. On 13 February 2004, a broadcasting license renewed ten years is attributed to Tunimedia SARL (whose status is required because an authorization can not be granted to a corporation) against a fee of two million dinars per year. The group of millionaire Tunisian Larbi Nasra launches Hannibal TV on 12 February 2005 at 19 h 00 (Tunisian time) but its official launch takes place on 13 February (the first anniversary of the granting of permission to broadcast the chain). Programs start with an hour behind schedule announced by a reading of the Koran followed by a reading of a letter from the President of the Republic and a gala multicast throughout the evening.
Street Address
85 Av. du 13 aout
Choutrana 2
Postal/Zip Code
La Soukra
Middle East
+216 7194 4944
+216 7175 9483
Official website
Badr 4
Arabsat 5C
Nilesat 102
Owned by
Hannibal TV Network
13 February 2004

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