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Wesal TV


Published: 3 years ago

Category: Arabic, Saudi Arabia


عزيزي المشاهد, في حالة عدم ظهور البث المباشر فيرجى اعادة تحميل الصفحة
If the live broadcast did not show up then please refresh the page.
Wesal TV Live Online. Islamic channel. Provides alternative news, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective, broadcast live from Saudi Arabia.
Wesal TV Stream is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself. If you want to find more informations about Wesal TV please visit the Official Website of this television channel or contact us and tell us more about it. Or if you cannot watch Wesal TV please leave a message in comment box below.

7 Responses to “Wesal TV”

  1. Anonymous says:

    إنقطع بث القناة على قمر الهوتبيرد

  2. Anonymous says:

    what is the frequency at Hotbird

  3. Anonymous says:

    ايسلمو ايديكم و اطال الله عمركم دمتم لنا

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello ya geama , my name is dana ay em from romania , Ramadan Karim

  5. Anonymous says:

    alsalam alekum
    greeting to all may Allah guide us to the right path …
    continue what you are doing in this great channel and may Allah reward you in heaven ….^_^
    best regards..

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. IBRAHIM says:


    Wesal En TV program is an excellent channel but issues are repeated for the whole week. And therefore please try to present different issues in a week instead of repeating the whole day and week similar things. May Allah reward you in heaven.

    Best regards!

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