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Dubai Sports TV


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Uni Emirat Arab

TV Information:

Latest TV Information From United Arab Emirates
dubai sports tv online is Sports television channel from Dubai. Its was launched in 1998 to be a monument in the media in line with the title of the city of Dubai as the capital of the sport in the Middle East, where the covers digital broadcast unencrypted whole world. We have awarded the title of its viewers ‘channel of Fame’ for their continued efforts in the transfer of various sporting events of local, dubai sports tv online Arab and international levels. Has been characterized by the channel covered a number of world championships, which took place in Rehab Dubai and on the ground the United Arab Emirates, such as: dubai sports tv online horse, Dubai Open Tennis Championship Powerboat World, in addition to periodic Emirates General football and racing ability and other local sporting events is important. Therefore, dubai sports tv online worked ‘channel fans’ always to promote the good reputation of Dubai and the UAE as a country can host the perfect events and international sports tournaments and deservedly hit the ground running due to its sophisticated equipment and crews qualified administrative and security firm. For more information please visit :
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P.O.Box 27997
The UAE Radio & TV building, Bur Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Phone : +971 4 336 2999
Fax : +971 4 336 9131 / 9721
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Dubai Sports TV Online

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  1. nadeem says:


  2. joe bacero says:

    The coverage of Nad Al Sheba road race is bias as only the local riders are shown and not in general…we want to see the whole coverage – just like some other Tour coverage.

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