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TV 7 Bulgaria


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Bulgaria

TV Information:

Bulgarian TV7 is polythematic TV with national coverage. It is the main channel in the group channel TV7, NEWS7 and SUPER7, which began broadcasting at the end of 2005. From September 2013 television program is distributed digitally throughout the country, reaching 96.2% population coverage.
The content of TV7 meets the highest standards for television production and is aimed at a wide audience. Television is one of the leading electronic media news segment – journalistic team prepares news broadcasts frequently overtaking other media information. Entries live “from the scene” give a real picture of events at the time of their occurrence. Current affairs programs of TV7 are the site of the first comments and analyzes by politicians, sociologists, authorities and representatives of civil society of the most important events of the day and week. Talk show programs provide a different and fresh look at the topics of everyday life, to the world of fashion, stars, healthy lifestyle. Reality formats broadcast on TV7, enjoy a large audience. The fact is that they involve the most famous personalities and current stars, put them in unusual situations. The entertainment segment is happy to very good selection of movies and series. TV pays great attention to Bulgarian productions like live on TV7 home series and television games become TV events.
Television channel which began broadcasting in 2005. It is an entertainment-based channel and also the first Bulgarian station to broadcast in widescreen PAL (16:9, although the aspect ratio is usually left as 4:3, making the image appearing vertically elongated on normal TV sets). The channel is available on cable television and satellite., broadcast live from Bulgaria.
Headquarters address
Street ul. Pop Gruyo, blok 47
Street 2 kv. Levski D
Phone +59 2 816 2740
Fax +59 2 816 2714
Social Profiles
Contact number:
Tel: +886424757769 Fax: +886424733027

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