TV Kanal 3
November 1, 2010 Bosnia Herzegovina
The first private television in the RS, “K3” from Prnjavor, their, their signal covers the municipalities of Prnjavor, Banja Luka, Kotor Varos, Sanski Most, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Gradiska, Laktasi, Teslic, Doboj, Čelinac, Derventa, blue TV Kanal 3 broadcasts programs 24 hours a day, of which more than 5 hours of their own production at 10 emissions are created according to the wishes and interests of its viewers. TV Kanal 3 streaming on internet,
Headquarters address
Svetog Save 31, 78430 Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Social Media
Phone: +387 51 640 460
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