Canal 12 TV El Salvador
November 24, 2010 El Salvador
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Canal 12 TV El Salvador Live Online. Canal 12 (broadcasting live from San Salvador) has intriguing television shows throughout the day and nighttime. Canal 12 TV was founded in 1984 and located in La Libertad, a municipality in the La Libertad department of El Salvador. Canal 21 has a different sort of television show lineup mix (broadcasting live from San Salvador), and Pueblo de Israel TV is like nothing you’ve ever seen before (live from San Salvador). Its produces and airs local newscasts, talk shows and community information, international telenovelas, TV series and children’s cartoons and educational shows. For more information please visit :
Carretera Panaméricana #12, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador
Tel. +(503) 2560-1212
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