Unitel La Paz TV
October 21, 2010 Bolivia
Unitel La Paz TV channel online or Universal Television, known as Unitel, is the brand name under which the company operates the East Communications, a television creada1987 in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for the Monastery Business Group, chaired by Osvaldo Monasterio Añez. It is the direct owner of 8 TV channels (Channel 2 of La Paz and Oruro, Channel 9 Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Puerto Suarez, Channel 11 Cobija, Channel 12 Montero Channel 13 of Cochabamba), along with a repeater in UHF (Montero channel 51) and channels associated with the network 90 locations around the country.
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Headquarters address
 Av. Carrasco Pasaje 1388 # 1736
La Paz
 Phone :  +591 (0)2 220 050
Email :
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