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ANT1 Greece


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Greece


ANT1 Greece TV Live Online. Antenna, better known as ANT1 (ena is the Greek word for one), is a popular television network airing in Greece and Cyprus. It is pronounced “Ant-énna” because of the Greek word for “Antenna” (Αντέννα) meaning aerial and “ena” (ένα) for the number 1. It launched on 31 December 1989, the same year as rival Mega Channel and is owned by ANT1 Group. ANT1 has been the most popular network in Greece for years with its line up of hit series including popular dramas Lampsi and Kalimera Zoi. Recently however, MEGA has overtaken ANT1 as the most popular network. Programming consists of comedies, dramas, news, current affairs programs, gameshows and entertainment shows, broadcast live from Greece.
ANT1 Greece Stream is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself. If you want to find more informations about ANT1 Greece please visit the Official Website of this television channel or contact us and tell us more about it. Or if you cannot watch ANT1 please leave a message in comment box below.

One Response to “ANT1 Greece”

  1. Anonymous says:

    kalispera apo germania se ola ta aderfia tous ellhnes!
    vrika ena programma pou paizei ola ta ellinika kanalia..
    k egw prospathousa na dw ellinika kanalia alla synexeia mplokaroun thn prosvash..
    apo tote pou to katevasa hremhsa.. thelei mia mikrh diadikasia sthn arxh alla afou
    to rythmisete den tha exete pote ksana provlima.. den tha sas parei panw apo 5-10 lepta..
    mesa tha vreite analytikes odigies, ola ta kanalia einai apo asfalh server..
    exei et1,net,et3,mega,ant1,star,alpha,alter,mad,mtv,extra3,nickelodeon kai tha prostethoun ki alla..
    ta paidia exoun kanei foverh douleia.. katevaste to kai tha me thymythite :)

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