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TV Palma


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Serbian


TV Information:

TV Palma founded In early July 1997, at the mountain Crni Vrh near Jagodina, Its broadcast from Jagodina. Direct signal TV “Palma Plus” can be seen on a large part of central Serbia, and later Abe interventions have the opportunity to signal quality TV “Palma Plus”, “take” many cable distributors in Belgrade even four. Television program “Palma Plus” is a recent and satellite SBB offer which increased the cable distributor with the television program “Palma Plus” in its network and offer.
TV “Palma Plus” broadcasts Twenty-four hours by the dominance of the news program also offers other facilities in the field of culture, education, environment, sports …. TV “Palma Plus” in all this can boast continuous and direct monitoring of developments in Kosovo and Metohija, TV-space reserved for the Serb village youth, Roma population and other segments of our society and reality.
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