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Aden TV Yemen شاهد البث المباشر قناة تلفزيون عدن الفضائية اليمنية بث حي من اليمن


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Yemen


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Aden TV

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Aden TV Yemen Live Online. Satellite TV channel from the opposition. Aden Live brings you the latest news from South Arabia (South Yemen). One more step toward autonomy. “Aden TV” may have some potential – its ambitious anyway. There is a particular understanding of media importance in the South, left over from the days of the original “Sout al-Gnoub.” The central government should be worried – especially if they figure out a way to broadcast reports from Aden. Broadcast live from Yemen.
Start broadcasting in atheist th of September 1964 (black and white), which came after the revolution of the fourteenth of the glorious October 1963 any after seeing revolution a year where the goal from behind the opening of the TV in that period by British colonialism is the distraction of the masses of the Yemeni people for their cause basic and fair Almthmtlh in active participation in the armed struggle waged by the masses of the Yemeni people …. was limited to television broadcasting when incorporation to cover neighborhoods populated in the city of Aden and in particular where there are soldiers and the families of the British forces (and the piece using two power dispatch each 100 Watt first Tawahi in the area and the other in Mount Crater in addition to the two 10-watt booster category in the area of ​​Salahuddin inspired Crater).
After achieving national independence on 30 November in 67 AD Yemeni government has paid attention and special care to your TV Baaattabarh one of the most important media of mass deployment of science and knowledge and instill values ​​end aesthetic.
The stage of development of television:
The second phase of the evolution of television has lost in January 1979 and was moved to the current building Baltwaha radio and television building, which has been outfitted (black and white) and included 3 studios The largest area of ​​150 square meters and is equipped with instruments of art.
In the eighth of March 1981 was Alanmottagal gradual to broadcast stained who represented a new phase in the evolution of television were re-work systems to broadcast programs colored and re-equipped studios with instruments and colorful use devices Video Speaking of various kinds and sizes, as well as devices montage recordings inside the studios where he managed the TV broadcast of all its local color.
In June 1981 AD was moving to deal with the satellite ground station via Telecom, which provided a possibility to receive daily news nature where enables the rapid transfer of TV events and global events.
It is significant developments witnessed by the introduction of TV vans outside Adding to the field work also led to the TV for the first time in 1981, the start of the neighborhood and the direct transport of sports games and other events inside the home.
Because of the nature of geography rugged Yemen was in 1985 the introduction of a temporary expedient to connect the television broadcast of some major cities in a number of provinces, which lies between 650-800ikl meters from the main center of the TV in the capital (Aden at the time), which provides hardware re-broadcast after 24 hours of broadcast in Aden, where it is broadcast materials, including newscasts in the cities of the provinces of Hadramout Home-Shabwa-skilled and this method has served the audience to follow some of the events pictured, even for a day late for the event.
After the blessed unity in other middle Twenty of May 1990 AD Yemeni television became the first of the two channels in Sanaa and the second in Aden.
The state has been keen to develop a second channel, especially after what had suffered from severe damage in the summer of 1994 has been re-construction of the plant as part of a Japanese project, which was completed in February 2000 AD by installing modern equipment has been re-division and development of the building and add a new studio.
The second channel is now playing an influential role in the lives of Yemeni society and viewers are keen to receive and follow-up programs within the circle has left parents so far included a number of Yemeni governorates are being broadcast expand successively to various Yemeni provinces.
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