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Published: 9 years ago

Category: South African


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Watch SABC TV Live Online. SABC live is basically a state owned broadcast house which currently has its headquarters and main set up in South Africa. Not only SABC has live online as well as television broadcast, but it also has 18 operational radio stations.
SABC currently has 3 sister channels by the name of SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3. SABC it self has a complete broadcasting house working 24 hours under South African Government to provide quality news and documentaries for South African viewers. However, working under the Government has caused SABC live to face some criticism which included the self censorship of a documentary which was based on South African President. The media community highly criticized this act and protested against such step.
Some of the famous programs of SABC live online include: The view, Hotshots, Hot properties, Law and order, Homeland, Top Billing, Font. Targeted the Sourh African people. African news (french language). SABC TV streaming on internet, and free. SABC TV is a general television channel from South Africa, broadcast live from South Africa .
Street Address
SABC, cnr. of Artillery and Henley Rd, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa 2092.
Call Centre Numbers:
011 714 – 9797
011 714 – 9111
Email :

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  1. Etienne Marais says:

    Hi I just want to know why is it not possible to watch SABC TV online?

  2. Etienne Marais says:

    We really want to watch South-African TV online. Can you please try and do something to make it possible?

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