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Published: 8 years ago

Category: Arabic, Movies, Uni Emirat Arab


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MBC 1, Launched in 1991 is a Saudi-Arab television channel owned by the MBC Network. The channel is broadcast in the clear on HotBird, Arabsat and Nilesat. Its audience is estimated at 110 million. 1 MBC broadcasting from Dubai, making it a free chain. It broadcasts its programs via satellite throughout the Arab world. It broadcasts like Al Andalib Yakoun Man, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc. Nawaem Kalam.
MBC has moved its headquarters from London to Dubai in 2002.
Social Profiles
Broadcast by the free license permission/agreement with For more information please visit their website.
Headquarters address
PO Box 72627
Dubai media city
Zip Code : F-75805
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone +971 (0)4 391 9999
Telefax +971 (0)4 391 8455 / 6683
Official website

mbc 1 tv online

6 Responses to “MBC 1”

  1. A.Baki Numan says:

    Dear management,

    W’d like to continue enjoining MBC1 on line live, and unfortunately the broadcasting got interrupted in most of tome pls clarify situation,



  2. zahra Fn says:

    Dear MBC,
    As a visitor to your website as an Iranian, I am very surprised of MBC`s reputation and professional work on the virtual world and as a Television Network. I`ll appreciate it very well.
    I have a question of this serious website that this Tv Network has a real interview with a lady who is named Niloofar Behbudi as a Model. I saw a video of an interview of this lady in YouTube ( ) with MBC logo . I have to add this that She has no position and place as a model between most of Iranian people. She has been working as a dirty lady for years and now she claimed that Mbc Tv Network has a real interview with her as a best Iranian Model. You know that someone who has a lots of beauty surgery (not natural face) and is pygmy can`t profess as a model. In addition to, In my country there is no place of such a thing as being a model or doing modeling.
    With this interpretation, we would be grateful to inform us about the reality or lies about this lady and her interview.
    Thank you for your attention Infinity

    Best Regards

  3. jamal says:

    I’m jamal, i live in italy in my home i have decoder, but i don’t have satellite
    i have just hotbird, and i like so much see mbc, but i don’t have it in my decoder, i want to know how can i see mbc in my tv please help me.
    thank you.

  4. lenard says:

    hie I’am LENARD from Malawi I LIVE IN Southafrica, my question is why is not possible to have mbc on our decoder here in Southafrica,………….Email me if u have thank u.

  5. AO says:

    Saba7 el5er ya 3arab is a nice program overall. I like Lujain and Khaled but I don’t like the way Hani presents I felt he’s boring.

  6. HASAN SMADI says:


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