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Listening Hala FM Saltanat Uman استماع البث المباشر إذاعة هلا اف ام سلطنة عمان


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Radio, Uni Emirat Arab

TV Information:

Listening Radio Hala FM Saltanat Uman Live Online. Radio Hala FM Saltanat Uman streaming on internet, and free. Radio Hala FM Saltanat Uman is a general television channel from Oman. A new era in radio broadcasting in the Sultanate of Oman has begun. Pioneered by OHI, one of Oman’s premier business houses, Hala FM is the first privately owned radio station in Oman. The new radio station will broadcast in Arabic and is located in Al Khuwair.

The programming mix will feature a fascinating mix of the latest in top entertainment: music and celebrity interviews coupled with business coverage.

“We’ve chosen to offer this unique blend of entertainment and business coverage, knowing that this combination is the right mix for Oman’s discerning radio listeners,” said Maqbool Hamed Al Saleh, Chairman of the OHI Group, adding that most of the programming would be locally produced, bringing a strong Omani flavour to the channel. “OHI is proud to launch Hala FM. Radio is a fantastic stand-alone advertising medium, delivering high reach and high value. We have every confidence that it will offer our advertisers the audience reach and frequency they need to achieve their business aspirations,” stated Al Saleh.

OHI was granted the operating licence after meeting all the conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Information and beating stiff competition from other business houses.

The launch of Hala 102.7 FM was a glittering event at the Crowne Plaza, Muscat, attended by dignitaries from the Ministry, the media and business luminaries from across the country. HH Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq al Said officially inaugurated the radio station by unveiling the logo. This was followed by an audio-visual presentation, highlighting the new frequency. Mr. Maqbool Hameed then thanked HH Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq al Said for gracing the occasion and presented him with a memento.

Hala 102.7 FM then went live on air, to give the audience a feel of the programme content. As popular Arabic melodies filled the air, the enthusiasm was infectious. The evening ended on a high note, with people tapping their feet and spontaneously swaying to the beat. “Hala is off to a good start and will keep getting better,” promised a spokesperson., broadcast live from Greece.

Radio Hala FM Saltanat Uman is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself. If you want to find more informations about Radio Hala FM Saltanat Uman please visit the Official Website of this television channel or contact us and tell us more about it. Or if you cannot watch ARadio Hala FM Saltanat Uman please leave a message in comment box below.

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    ولا تيت ولا طط صقر الحويطات احمد ابو سمحان نزل علي الخط

  3. مرحبا مساء الخير الي حلا من يزن العجرمي بمناسبه عيد الحب بقول كل عام وحبيبتي بخير نماء بحبك كتير بهديهاا اغنيه وائل جسار كل دقيقة شخصيه انا مشترك جديد

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    امنيات لكم بدوام التوفيق والله يسعد اوقاتكم جميعا

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