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Ashorooq شاهد بث مباشر قناة الشروق الفضائية السودان مباشرة من دبي


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Arabic, Sudan

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The web site sunrise on the Internet means electronic complementary to the role played by the channel sunrise the space to achieve its strategic objectives emanating from the message and vision and a clear based on a deep understanding of the media work based on the successful connection between sender and receiver, but the site is a media projects for the Foundation sunrise media that have been identified within the vision future be a media project integrated aspects, and a clear vision of a specific mission, goals, seeks deep faith of the founding of informative experience distinct level editorial, technical and administrative and financial experience looks to be a milestone in the march of Sudanese media in particular and the Arab world in general, the experience establishes stage new media realize their own goals to the extent that it is aware of its responsibilities towards the public addressee and developmental needs; political, economic, social, cultural and recreational possibilities .. locked Sudanese media and creative energies and its ability to tender and excellence.
And also launched the channel in its rhetoric and mission of the objectives of the Sudanese public and aspirations for peace, stability and development and positive communication renaissance with its Arab and African, Islamic and international component of its national identity and specified for the march to move civilization in the present and the future, the site integrates with the channel in the adoption of these strategic objectives as the objectives of the Sudanese public in adopt policies independent channel which does not stand with one hand without the other or against the other, but it stands with all political and social forces to work for the interests of the public and achieve its strategic objectives in the current stage ff.
In order to achieve integration between the channel and the web site comes basic definitions of the site consistent with the message channel, vision and strategic goals, committed to its policy of editorial and include the public of the foundations and principles of professional behavior and adhered to by all employees Active.
First: the basic definitions of the site
1 site definition: News site My interactive multimedia, owned institution sunrise media, and means the Sudanese issue special issue of the Arab, African and international in general, and integrates with the channel rise at being independent does not represent a political party or faction ethnically nor doctrine religiously, but represents the general public Sudanese in particular and stems objectives and interests of the individual, community, national, currently issued in Arabic.
2 website message:
Integration with channel sunrise in contributing to the renaissance of Sudan and the consolidation of stability, on the basis of the components of civilization and its cultural diversity and social, and its location as a gateway to communicate and interact Arab, Islamic and African, through the provision of follow-up news professional and accurate information and the environment Interactive, which respects the public’s right to know and the freedom of opinion and expression, within political media firm is committed to the principles of the profession and morals.
3 to see the site:
Be the first site on the Internet specializing in the Sudanese issue in particular, as a gateway informative interactive marketing news in Arabic, English and French.
4 strategic objectives of the site:
contribute to the renaissance of the state and the people of Sudan and spread peace in its lands.
work on the development of public cultural identity, social and cultural rights.
contribute to the deepening of interaction Arab Sudanese and Arab African.
occupy the forefront among the Sudanese public and gain estimate is visiting Sudan.
contribute to the development of revenue.
contribute to the strengthening of stability and construction.
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    كلو تمام يالنيل الازرق

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    Not accessible in Italy

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