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Rotana Zaman قناة روتانا سينما أفلام عربية بث حي مباشر

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Published: 5 years ago

Category: Saudi Arabia


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rotana zaman tv online

Rotana Zaman TV

TV Name
Rotana Zaman TV
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Watch Rotana Zaman TV Live Online. Rotana Zaman TV streaming on internet, and free. Rotana Zaman TV is a general television channel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Rotana Zaman Channel delivers state-of-the-art digitally restored classic Arabic movies to millions of viewers around the world. Watch online Watch Rotana Zaman TV Live Free Streaming Enjoy the legendary stars and singers – Om Kalthoum, Halim and Fairouz, as well as the popular program “Kashf el Mastour., broadcast live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Watch full length movies, the latest clips to your favorite TV. series, and top music videos.Rotana makes it easy to watch Arabic TV online!
Street Address
Kingdom Tower, 58th Floor
King Fahd road
Olaya district
Movies TV
Saudi Arabia
Middle East
+966 1 211 0000
+966 1 211 0011
Official website
Eutelsat 21B
Nilesat 102
Owned by
Rotana Media Services
Clasical TV
11296 H – 27500 – 3/4

rotana zaman tv online 

5 Responses to “Rotana Zaman قناة روتانا سينما أفلام عربية بث حي مباشر”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like Rotana Zaman, but there is far too much of Om Kolthum, which one does not wish to listen to twice for 2 hours each time per day. Amosalsal or a film are more appropriate.

  2. vancat says:

    من فضلكم يا جماعه اى حد عنده التردد تبعها يكتبه لانه المحطه ضاعت من 7عندى ومش لاقيها وشكرا على الاهتمام

  3. Mogranne says:

    More Om Kalthoum. There can never be too much! And Farid, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Halim, Fairuz. All the greats. We love them!

  4. munir ahmed says:

    I like tosee old film and songs of umkasoom ,abdul wahab fareed and abdul haleem and feroz

  5. munir ahmed says:

    rotana zaman is golden day to me because i watch old films which i watached in my days. beside songs of famouse old singers who passed away.

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