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Rai Sport + TV


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Italy, Sports


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Rai Sport Launched 1 February 1999 is the sport of RAI – Radiotelevisione Italian. Originally there were the sports news, edited by the editors of the Journal of Radio and TV News. For sport the television appointment was fixed with sports newscast, whose acronym recalled that of the TG. Then were created TV shows such as The Sunday Sport, 90 minutes, Dribbling, and radio, as All the soccer minute by minute.
Among the major names of the most important commentators and conductors, among sports journalists, there were radio Niccolo Carosio and Enrico Ameri. In addition, between radio and TV, Sandro Ciotti, Nando Martellini, Maurizio Barendson (inventor of 90 minutes, Paolo Valenti) and again Bruno Pizzul, Alfredo Pigna and Adriano De Zan. Even Enzo Tortora led La Domenica Sportiva.
In the nineties comes the TGS, ie News programming RAI Sport. As the TGR and the head Parliamentary Services, the TGS is a transverse end side that gathers in a single drawing journalists of various TV and radio state.. For more information please visit :
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