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MBC 2 Arabic


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Arabic, Movies, Uni Emirat Arab

TV Information:


MBC 2 Live Streaming Online

mbc 2 live streaming online is the first 24-hour free-to-air movie channel in the Arab World. The Channel offers a wide variety of top international and Hollywood movies.MBC 2 offers a 24-hour non-stop stream of Hollywood movies, from blockbusters to classics and international films. MBC Group includes mbc1 live tv online free (general family entertainment via terrestrial).

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mbc 2 live streaming onlineThe Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) is a free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment broadcaster. mbc 2 live streaming online owns ten TV channels, including MBC1, MBC2 and MBCMAX. The Group also owns two radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music) and Panorama FM (contemporary Arabic hit music). O3 productions, a specialised documentary production unit, is part of MBC It was launched in 1991 as the first privately owned and independent Arabic satellite TV station. Then, it was transferred to Dubai in 2000. It has been based there since 2001. MBC was directly linked to King Fahd himself. It was founded in London by two entrepreneurs, one of whom, Waleed al Ibrahim.
mbc 2 live streaming online broadcast movies and television programmes subtitled in Arabic, but after the launch of MBC 4 the channel specialised in movies only.the channel is based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates, and is owned by the Saudi broadcaster MBC Group The mbc 2 live streaming online mostly broadcasts American Hollywood movies but it also seldom features British, Canadian, French, Indian, Chinese and other foreign films. MBC 2 has managed to negotiate long-term deals with the top Hollywood studios, securing first-run right and ensuring a steady flow of the top box-office movies.
Street Address
PO Box 72627, Dubai media city
United Arab Emirates
Middle East
+971 (0)4 391 9999
+971 (0)4 391 8455 / 6683
Key people
Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim, Chairman
Sam Barnett (CEO


mbc 2 tv online

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