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LBC Nagham شاهد البث الحي المباشرقناة نغم من لبنان مباشر على النت


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Lebanon

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Watch LBC Nagham TV Live Online. LBC Nagham TV streaming on internet, and free. LBC Nagham is a Lebanese musical television channel and is LBC Group’s musical brand. Launched in 2003, as the brand’s name (Arabic: نغم‎; nağam) suggests, it is one of the first specialised music channels launched in the region.LBC Nagham is a 24 FTA channel that caters for the Arab Youth with music interest. Filling a strategic consumer need gap, LBC Nagham depends on a dual Arabic & English exclusive musical offering. LBC Nagham was able to create and produce its own musical songs and video clips leveraging the LBC mother brand’s reality shows. LBC Nagham has also developed a success story through its capability to switch to a twenty-four hour reality TV channel setting new standards in the reality TV broadcast industry in the Middle East.[citation needed] Programs covered on LBC Nagham: Star Academy Arab World, Miss Lebanon, El Wadi (Arabic version of The Farm), The Perfect Bride, although there was Mission Fashion 2006 & 2007 & 2008, and World Belly Dance Championship.LBC Nagham is an “interactive” channel. This is being delivered through SMS chat as well as interactive games and thus was able to create a dialogue with the youth.Deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, sports, and news, broadcast live from Lebanon.
Lebanese musical television
Street Address
P.O.Box 111 Zouk
Rue 4 bis, Adma – Zone Jaune
+961 9 850 850 / 915
+961 9 850 916
Zip Code
Middle East
Official website
Lebanon; also available inArab World.
LBC Group
Launch date
November 2003 (Television Music Network)
Search terms
Watch chaine nagham lbc live tv online lbc nagham شاهد البث المباشر قناة تلفزيون نغم بث مباشر نغك ال بي سي اللبنانية.البث الحي محطات راديو قناة مباشرة بث حي مباشر تلفزيون قنوات فضائية عربية

lbc nagham tv online

8 Responses to “LBC Nagham شاهد البث الحي المباشرقناة نغم من لبنان مباشر على النت”

  1. Anonymous says:

    tahra star 3333 rues

  2. manuela says:

    hello nagham i'm from germany 😀

  3. manuela says:

    ramadan karim for all 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi kifekom ya tolab ana chahinez man algerie ana khetir behabkom khetir bas ya housam dir balak 3ala sara nahena bensawatlak kol al djazeyer w souria batesawatelak bas ya yasemine w layan w hosam w sara dirou balkom 3ala halkom antou khetir halwin

  5. Anonymous says:

    where is the broadcast???

  6. z3booolaa says:

    السلام عليكم
    انا من المعجبين بقناه نغم اللبنانية

    بس ابغى اعرف اسم اغنية اجنبية كانت تعرض على قناه نغم الفضائية

    هيا مقطع فديو لمغنية كانت تلبس جلد اسود لاماع

    وشعرها اشقررررر وقصتها زي الشباب

    وهيا كمان ديو

    بس مرة خطيرة اتمنى تساعدوني

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