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MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya


Published: 10 years ago

Category: Arabic, Saudi Arabia

TV Information:


MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya streaming on internet, and free. Watch MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya TV Live Online. MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya is a general television from United Kingdom. Deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, sports, and news, broadcast live from UK.
Ahmadiyya (Urdu: احمدِیہ) is a religious movement founded towards the end of the 19th century and originating with the life and teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908). Ghulam Ahmad was an important religious figure who claimed to have fulfilled the prophecies about the world reformer of the end times who was to herald the Eschaton as predicted in the traditions of various World religions and bring about the final triumph of Islam as per Islamic prophecy. He claimed that he was the Mujaddid (divine reformer) of the 14th Islamic century, the promised Messiah (“Second Coming of Christ”) and Mahdi awaited by Muslims. Ahmadi emphasis lay in the belief that Islam is the final law for humanity as revealed to Muhammad and the necessity to restore to it its true essence and pristine form, which had been lost through the centuries. Thus, Ahmadis view themselves as leading the revival and peaceful propagation of Islam. The Ahmadis were among the earliest Muslim communities to arrive in Britain and other Western countries.
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad founded the movement on 23rd March 1889 and termed it the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (community) envisioning it to be a revitalisation of Islam. Although, Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims and claim to practice Islam in its pristine form, Ahmadiyya views on certain beliefs in Islam have been controversial to mainstream Muslims since the Movement’s birth. Mainstream Muslims do not consider Ahmadis to be Muslims, citing in particular the Ahmadiyya viewpoint on the death and Return of Jesus (see also “Jesus in Islam”), the Ahmadiyya concept of Jihad and the community’s view of the Finality of prophethood with particular reference to the interpretation of verse [Qur’an 33:40]. While in India, Ahmadis are considered Muslims, in 1974, the parliament of Pakistan adopted a law declaring Ahmadis as Non-Muslims and in 1984 the Ordinance XX was promulgated by Gen. Zia-ul-Haq the then military ruler of Pakistan, in which the Ahmadis were outlawed and their everyday life criminalised. Severe Persecution and often systematic oppression has led many Ahmadis to migrate Westwards.
If you want to find more informations about MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya please visit the Official Website of this television channel or contact us and tell us more about it !!! If you cannot watch MTA Muslim Television Ahmadiyya please leave a message in comment box below.

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