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Alrafidain TV Channel Online البث الحي المباشر قناة الرافدين الفضائية من العراق


Published: 11 years ago

Category: Iraq

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About the logo
Badge channel consists of two parts: (symbol) and (word): emblem Golden circle refers to the city of Baghdad, which was built by the Abbasids in the form of a circle, and continues to maintain this way now to a large extent. Surrounded this circle Bmujtin two long (yellow and blue) signal to Raveda Iraq (Tigris and Euphrates), which Altephan Kdverh of the top and then Anfaragan in the middle to return to meet again at the bottom, a reference to the entering of northern Iraq, and they met in the area (Qurna) south of Iraq to form Shatt al-Arab. Symbolizing Curl to coalescence of all Iraqis blue and yellow, amber color symbolizes the Iraqi soil net when she met the waters of Mesopotamia blue Comte (mud), which is the origin of Iraqi civilization, and that line was the first character in the history of mankind, which is indicated by the logo also through confluence of waves which give drop shape (ink) any (ink writing). It is a word (Mesopotamia) the name of the channel, and wrote a golden color with the color of the agreed framework, which includes circular waves, and is complementary to the badge and can not be separated them.
TV Name
Alrafidain TV
Iraqi satellite news channel primarily political, economic affairs and pursue cultural and sports, in addition to the programs of political, cultural, scientific and economic development.To call out the occupier and the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis and the rejection of the occupation and the aftermath of political, intellectual, and exceed this goal to include all Arab and Muslim countries that suffer the suffering of Iraq today.Seeking channel Rivers to restore confidence and self-esteem when Iraqis principals and groping citizen goodness and virtue among the people of this good people by nature and trying to re-present Iraq to the roots of Arab and Islamic countries, and strives to unite Iraqis and ward off the gaps and bridge the gaps caused by the occupation of ugly and its agents among his sons, and the rejection of intolerance of the sect, race, and the fight against sectarianism and racism in all its forms and refused to call it or raise it and promote it. But not limited to the issue of Iraq, Rafidain, but beyond that to issues of Arabs and Muslims everywhere, understood hum joy and glee, Valravedan all Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims. Channel is committed to a policy of public private organized and detailed controls which seeks to adhere to the target, which it has been established, and the values it seeks to achieve. Taking logo of the objectives of the channel and to achieve its mission: (because we are a civilization), we are the first to develop the building blocks of science, was writing, and hugged Ngelna sky, was rockeries, and our tissues filaments justice to the right, was the obelisk .. we have been and will remain: Iraq, because we are a civilization. Rivers began the broadcast channel space after 10/4/2006 idea and continued to study since the invasion of Iraq by the American occupation forces and Halvha in 2003. Came tenth day of April in response to the occupation and his aides, who called on the ninth of April the day of liberation, and fork into Anyone who does not respect the feelings of the Iraqis. Headquarters in Egypt: Sixth of October in the Media Production City, and channel four offices in Oman, Syria, Palestine and Baghdad, but Baghdad office closed before the end of the first year of the launch of the channel after suffering more than once to blow by the occupation forces with the help of the government forces. Rafidain satellite channel broadcast from the moon Arab “Nilesat” on Frequency: (11919 Horizontal 4 / 3-27500) and over 24 hours. Aspiring channel Rafidain be achieved its goal, and produce their quest, and earn the trust and love of people, including in respect of the objectives and the approach of the policy, and to be a platform to the right and to the fact that at the time differed in which events in different sources and blended the colors and mixed up the papers, and aspires to be a unique number between High ancient channels and its objectives and its policy and its quest, and despite the advanced position occupied by the channel in terms of seeing in Iraq and the Arab world, but it aspires to more, and reconciled to God. Perhaps no right to talk us something of praise and flattery from her family, no description Kalmainp, then it is an invitation to follow them, and this is not an advertisement or Troyja, and that was really advertising and promotion projects.
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