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قناة العلم الأخبار Alalam News TV Online – Iran


Published: 11 years ago

Category: Arabic, Iran, News

TV Information:

Al Alam Channel Online

Al Alam channel online streaming free tha is telecasting 24/7 hours transmission. Alalam is a News internet televisionchannel online, and a Webtv broadcasting from Iran. You can watch it without cable or satellite.  al jazeera arabic live streaming entered into competition with Al Alam.

Related TV Information
Al-Alam streaming is free tv license through their embed code
al alam channel onlineAl Alam channel online is an Arabic news channel broadcasting from Iran and is owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Alalam TV Iran Live TV online on internet, where you can watch Alalam TV Iran al alam tv live online with multiple server and update daily, Alalam TV Iran HD, Al Alam channel online Iran The network’s political coverage tends to be the most popular; however, other subjects, such as commentaries, analysis, business and sports also get a share of the audience. Programs are broadcast for over 300 million Arabic-speaking people around the world, with large audiences in the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean regions. The satellite channel can be received in five continents. Al-Alam has news bureaus in Tehran, Beirut and Baghdad. Unlike many other channels, Al-Alam can be viewed in Iraq without the use of a satellite receiver, as it is able to use a terrestrial transmitter close to the Iran-Iraq border. An English language website, known as Alalam News, was launched on August 15, 2006, claiming to disseminate news in an impartial moderate manner. Al Alam channel online has launched its Persian Website in April, 2007 in order to cover merely the exclusive Alalam news in Persian language. Watch Alalam Live TV from Iran. Info about Alalam: Satellite television channel in Arabic offering international news and Internet TV. watch alalam tv iran live online free online alalam tv iranalalam news network (iran)watch free tvinternet tvlive tv channelssportnews channel from iran . Alalam TV from Tehran to the Arab world and the Islamic and emblem speed, reliability and accuracy and its main goals is media coverage transparent
Street Address
Jam e Jam Avenue, ValieAsr street
News TV channel
Arabic, Persian, English
Middle East
+98 (0)21 2216 2819 / 2839 / 2840
+98 (0)21 2204 4223
Official website
Express AM22
Badr 5
Eutelsat 25B/Es’hail 1
Owned by
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
February 23, 2003
Satellite television network
Winning the Trust of Audience

al alam tv online

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  1. Anonymous says:

    لابد للمقاومه العسكريه
    ياشعوب المنطقه الإسلاميه، ليس لكم خيار إلاّ المقاومه العسكريه، نحن نعلم بالطغاة الدكتاتوريين الحاكمين لشعوبنا العربيه، كفانا سكوت وخداع لإنفسنا،
    نحن نعلم بإنهم قوم لا يفقهون إلاّ لغة النار،فقد وجب الجهاد ، فوالذي نفسي بيده إنهم أضعف وأوهن من بيت العنكبوت.
    أنا ممن يؤمن بمنطق القوه ضد هؤلاء الطغاة، ومن يتفق معي عليه أن يراسلني ويخبرني

    سالم البدر

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