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Iran TV Channel


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Iran


TV Information:

Watch online TV channels of Iran. There are national channels, religious channels, movie, music and entertainment channels. Iran TV Channel streaming on internet, and free. Deliver various specific programmes and offers a variety of entertainment, sports, and news. Broadcast live from Iran. You can find channels like: AFNL, Al Kawthar, Alalam, Alkarbalaeia, Amouzesh, IRIB, Andisheh, BBC Persian, ICC Iranian Cinema, Iran NTV (Simay Azadi), Irib TV1, Irib TV2, Irib TV3, Irib TV4, Irib TV5, Irinn, IRNA TV4, IRTV, Jamejam 1, Jamejam 2, Jamejam 3, Labbaik, Markazi TV, Miracle Channel, Mohabat TV, News TV, Pars TV, Payam TV, PEN Online, PMC, Press TV (English), Quran TV, Sahar TV1, Salaam TV, The Healing Channel, VOA Persia, XTV and other. The used language is Iran, Arab, Farsi and English.
Get the latest entertainment news. Iran TV Channel have featured artist and all the new live music videos. Watch the latest Music Video from your favorite artists. Networks and television shows that offer musical programming featuring music videos, news and reviews, special features, concerts, and award shows.
Iran TV Channel is a great source for links to cartoon, anime and animation TV shows. Watch full episodes and video clips of Total Drama Action, Ben 10, Pokemon and your other favorite TV shows. Includes Animated films of all genres and styles. Online and free, Watch child tv channels, old cartoons, animated cartoons, cartoon channels for kids, and of all kinds of cartoons.
Iran TV Channel provides the latest information from and in-depth coverage on the world. Find breaking news, top stories, talk shows, elections, politics, business, cricket, lifestyle, health, live TV, and videos. Also online lets you explore science, history, space, tech, sharks, & more, with videos & news, plus exclusives on your favorite TV shows and more.
Iran TV Channel provides comprehensive sports coverage. Complete sports information including: Footbal, Premier League, Live Sports, Sportal, Fight, NBA, Basketball, sports news, scores, Champions, Seri A, tennis, cricket, sky sport, kungfu, karate, knock,Sport TV Live, bundes liga, calcio napoli, news sports, Sport TV, Soccer, Motorsports, Martial Arts, F1, Cycling, Rowing, Sports Channels, Volleyball, Nascar, Extreme Sports, Racing, sports live, Athletics, Golf, Playoffs, Wrestling, Cycling, Baseball, Handball, Badminton, Rugby League, world cup, Softball, cricket, Volleyball, F1, bundes liga, NBA, Racing, Champions, Rugby, Nascar, and other.

Tags : General TV channel, Satellite television channel in Arabic offering international news and Internet TV, Educational TV (IRIB), News TV channel, TV channel is located in the USA, News channel, National TV channel with various programmes, National TV channel full of documentaries and scientific programs, Recorded news broadcast in English from 23:00 Teheran time, Recorded news (weekly updated), IRTV is an Iranian tv live-streaming from Los Angeles, Broadcasting around Europe. For Iranian Internationally, Broadcasting around America. For Iranian Internationally, Broadcasting around Middle east and pacific. For Iranian Internationally, Persian christian channel, Entertainment, Populair music, International News TV channel, Religious TV channel, News TV channel. Voice of America.

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