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VOA Bosnia


Published: 12 years ago

Category: Bosnia Herzegovina

TV Information:

Voice of America (VOA) began to broadcast the program in 1942. Today our house is an international multimedia service which, through the Board of Governors (Broadcasting Board of Governors – BBG) funded by the US government.
Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, educational and cultural programs every week.
Our programs on TV, radio and internet monitors more than 125 million people.
Voice of America, editorial programs in the languages of the peoples of BiH every working prepare and broadcast a half-hour TV show – Studio Washington.
In addition, the week is the program and interactive co-production, you realize with the Bosnian public service.
Part of our video production and publishing to YouTube channel, and since 2009, the Voice of America on BiH languages, is also present in one of the most popular blogosphere in the region –
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